5 Civil War Theories We Want To Be True

Captain America: Civil War only hits the big screen next year but with filming already in progress and a multitude of castings announced it’s hard for fans to try and hide their excitement. With the plot focusing around the acclaimed “Civil War” storyline we can expect a multitude of plot twists and epic fights to come, but have some fans already cracked the code? Here are 5 Civil War theories so good we want them to be true. Read at your own caution as we might tap into potential spoilers.

Theory 1: General Ross will become Red Hulk


In the comic book storyline Tony Stark had a secret weapon in the form of a robotic clone of Thor known as Ragnarok. While this seems unlikely since Chris Hemsworth has not been confirmed for Civil War, Tony could have a new secret weapon in the form of General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross whom you might remember as the general in The Incredible Hulk. In the comics Ross gained Hulk abilities and became a more formidable Hulk to rival his foe. This could work as we know Tony will be on the government’s side and General Ross is a military general; a team-up is likely. While actor William Hurt has not denied nor confirmed an appearance from Red Hulk there’s no denying that watching Red Hulk fight Captain America would be a scene to rival the Hulkbuster fight.

Theory 2: Ant-Man joins the New Avengers


Ant-Man is not even out yet but Paul Rudd has been confirmed to appear in Civil War. Spotted on set chatting to Anthony Mackie during filming for the opening sequence of the film could this possibly mean that after the events of Ant-Man that Scott Lang gets a spot alongside Cap and the rest? It is possible though theorists don’t see it likely that he is there from the start but rather appears during the actual Civil War. Word has it that there is even a scene described as “Ant-Man riding on one of Hawkeye’s arrows” and some sources even say he gains his Giant Man form, and who doesn’t want to see that? Only time will tell but hopefully after July 17th Ant-Man will grow on all viewers.

Theory 3: This film will contain the most deaths in any MCU film


Fans of the Civil War comic know that the book is an emotional rollercoaster of personal feelings, surprising deaths and touching characters moments. So it would be without surprise that the movie is chock-a-block with character deaths and other surprises to forever change the MCU. Fans already know that one death is pretty much confirmed and another death was leaked online by an extra, but we will leave those out of the article as they are confirmed spoilers. But who else could bite the bullet in this all-out frenzy? Fans speculate that the person could be none other than War Machine will not walk out alive. This would be an insane plot twist as it will deliver a heavy impact to both sides of the penny; Tony Stark would have lost his life-long comrade and Steve Rogers would have lost a great soldier. This would definitely create extra tension on both sides and make the movie more of a thrill than it already is.

Theory 4: Peter Parker gets the Iron Spider suit


We know that Tom Holland has been cast as Spiderman and Kevin Feige has stated that he has been sent to the Civil War set as we speak. What has not yet been confirmed is how large his role will be. Is it a mere cameo or does he have a decent-sized supporting role? Who’s team is his even on? We don’t know but most theorists believe that Spidey will be on Team Tony and Tony will make him the Iron Spider suit. This could work as Steve could hold Tony’s use of ‘child soldiers’ against him in this conflict and plus, who doesn’t want to see the Iron Spider battle Vision?

Theory 5: The Winter Soldier is still a main driving point


Without a doubt we know that Sebastian Stan is returning as Bucky Barnes in Civil War but his story seemed to be over and done with in the previous Captain America film, what else could they do in this film? Theorists believe that Tony Stark will discover that the Winter Soldier was the one who assassinated his mother and father and will most definitely try to take action and Cap will have to bend the law to protect his friend. Not only will this escalate conflict between Tony and Steve but this will also question Steve’s morals; do you bend the law for a friend or do you jail the best friend from your past? This would be an amazing plot line in the film that would delve deeper into the backstory of The Winter Soldier.

There you have it, 5 Civil War Theories we really want to be true? Any theories I missed out that you enjoy? Do you have any of your own theories? Do share your thoughts down in the comments section below and while you are sharing share this blog with your friends! Until later, keep on keeping on.


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