Terminator: Genisys Review

With Hollywood lacking in the originality department they have resorted to reinventing the franchises of old. We already have a Ghostbusters reboot on the way and Star Wars 7 will be a Christmas surprise but before you can decide whether they make or break your childhood you can take a dive into Terminator Genisys, genesis with a Y.

Bearing a slew of awful sequels in the history books the Terminator franchise get hard-rebooted in this action-flick as Terminator 3 and Salvation are completely ignored out of existence. Kyle Reese returns portrayed by Jai Courtney who is sent by John Connor into the past in order to protect his mother from being killed from a Terminator but instead is greeted by a time with a gun-toting Sarah Connor and a friendly Arnold Schwarzenegger escaping from fan-favorite T-1000.

Plot-wise the story is as convoluted as can be: the motivation and general plot is understandable and easy to roll with but many logical errors clash with this. Director Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World, Game of Thrones) himself said that the movie was just a fun romp and you shouldn’t focus on the time travel plotholes. Alas these plot holes are gaping and will forever leave audiences wondering how everything worked out and whether the writers gave a damn. Alternatively the action pieces were written beautifully giving them a 1980’s feels to them and showing Terminator fans want they wanted most: robots beating the motherboards out of each other

Character wise it was a pleasure to see Arnie return as the main Terminator many grew up with, even at his age he is still going strong and delivered a great performance. Emilia Clarke did a great job as Sarah Connor proving that she has the acting chops outside of Westeros and I look forward to seeing more of her in future films. My biggest grief was Jai Courtney, not that he is a terrible actor, but his character was poorly written and reduced to a whiny 3rd wheel who was only there to link past and present. Ultimately the film suffers from stereotypical action movie clichés which definitely can make or break the experience for most. While some can roll with clichés I grew bored after the first 20 minutes, a meaty experience replaced with a bland rehash of situations.

There’s two ways you can go into this movie: Slamming every nitpicked detail and complain about how it doesn’t match up to the originals, or you can enter with a fresh mind and enjoy the movie for what it is; a generic action-film with enough explosions, one-liners and side chuckles to keep you occupied.



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