Arrow Season 4 News From SDCC 2015

We are not done yet at all! There was lots of Arrow Season 4 news released at SDCC and we have you covered. Grab the popcorn and the darts; because do we have news for you.


First off is the new Arrow suit as seen above. Rocking a New 52 styled outfit (with adding hood for reasons) and Stephen Amell, the actor behind Oliver Queen, even arrived in the outfit for the Arrow Panel.

Next is the news that Diggle will also be getting his own suit. While not technically a superhero suit it still helps keeps his identity hidden safely. Witnesses described it as “A mask with goggles complete with a bulletproof vest and a jacket” which might now seem like much but is still more character progression for Diggle.

Casting wise Neal McDonough has been cast as Season 4 villain Damien Darhk. Mentioned by Ra’s in Season 3 Damien Darhk will play a big role in the upcoming series. Fans will know Neal McDonough as Dum Dum Dugan in Captain America: The First Avenger and Agent Carter.

It has also been confirmed that superhero Mr. Terrific will appear in Season 4, possibly through the wormhole created in the Flash Season 1 finale. Rumor also has it that Batman villain Anarky will appear in Season 4 thought this was not elaborated on.

That’s all the Arrow Season 4 news we have for now! Stay tuned for more news regarding Batman v Superman, Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse! Don’t forget to check out our Flash Season 2 coverage as well!


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