Box Office Wrap-Up July 25

Welcome to Box Office Wrap-Up. Box Office Wrap-Up will be a weekly show, were we discuss the weekend’s box office results, and predict the upcoming weekend. Alright, so last week the king of the Box Office was of course Marvel’s “Ant-Man” grossing $57.2Millon Opening Weekend. While it did open at #1, Ant-Man was Marvel’s lowest debut since 2008’s “The Incredible Hulk”. So, was Ant-Man a … Continue reading Box Office Wrap-Up July 25

Weekly Recommends 20/07/15

Tommy- There Will Be Blood (Movie) Cody- Hannibal (TV) Josh- The Mighty Ducks (Movie) Shane- No Country For Old Men (Movie) Ryan- 2001: A Space Odissey (Movie) DaChubba- Predator (Movie) Barath- Daredevil (TV) MB- The Evil Dead (Movie) Devin- Slow West (Movie) Lindsay- The Fault in Our Stars (Movie) Noah- Ballers (TV) Tyler- Kingsman: The Secret Service (Movie) Karl- Chappie (Movie) Luis- ’71 (Movie) Will- … Continue reading Weekly Recommends 20/07/15

5 Civil War Theories We Want To Be True

Captain America: Civil War only hits the big screen next year but with filming already in progress and a multitude of castings announced it’s hard for fans to try and hide their excitement. With the plot focusing around the acclaimed “Civil War” storyline we can expect a multitude of plot twists and epic fights to come, but have some fans already cracked the code? Here … Continue reading 5 Civil War Theories We Want To Be True

This Week in Movie and TV News: June 22 – June 29

This week in movie news, Hugh Jackman has been officially confirmed for X-Men: Apocalypse, we all suspected this but it was never confirmed, but now it is. Bad News? Channing Tatum’s Gambit confirmed he will not appear in the film. Last week A Deadly Adoption finally aired on Lifetime starring Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig. Do you think the TV movie was hilariously genius, simply … Continue reading This Week in Movie and TV News: June 22 – June 29

Weekend Box Office: June 19 – June 21

With the huge success of Jurassic World, this is the first time that a Pixar film has not opened to #1 domestically. But that  doesn’t mean it didn’t make money, it made the best opening weekend domestic money for an original film beating Avatar (Avatar opened to $77M). This was a massive weekend for domestic numbers. Jurassic World only dropped 51% and made $102M, that’s … Continue reading Weekend Box Office: June 19 – June 21